What I Do

My photography experience was initiated while attending the University of Montana and North Western Connecticut Community College between 2008-09. My fascination with birds has always existed but has become increasingly more obsessive after participating on a bird walk in 2010, on Nantucket Island led by my friend Kenneth Blackshaw.

I combine photography with birding, which allows a novice birder such as myself to better identify what I am seeing and hearing. I am amazed at the variety and diversity of birds that have surrounded me all of my life, no matter where I was, and yet I was never conscious of their presence. I find photography of larger birds such as Osprey, Eagles, and Great Blue Heron’s to be fun and interesting, but my interest is on passerines (song birds), particularly Wood Warblers.

I am drawn specifically to these very small birds because of their song but more importantly to their colorful and brilliant plumage. I participated with a Yellow-headed (amazon) Parrot survey in the Rio Bravo Conservation Area in  Belize (2016) and this provided a great opportunity to photograph and gain field experience for documenting birds.

Please Contact Me...

All images within this site have been documented by myself as recorded, please enjoy and feel free to contact me for more information.